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5G Technology and Mobile Internet We love to get great Internet speed, the telecom companies working to increase Internet speed. From smartphones to cars, smart watches or home, etc. everything has become very necessary, and certainly. They are spending more bandwidth. To make the wireless internet richer and to make use of more bandwidth together. 5G has appeared in front of us with some amazing technology. But being a tech-love person, you must know that this technology is new. How different is it from 3G or 4G? Or just mobile operators have another marketing term? You may also like .

What is 5G Technology

What is 5G Technology

Here in the sense of “Generation” is mean by G, and Wireless companies start their journey from 1G. Then came 2G, where was possible to send text messages from one mobile to another for the first time. Next came 3G technology, which allowed text messages, calls, the internet to browse a little differently than ever before. After that 4G comes with all the advantages are confusing, only more speed is increased. So that any large size file share quickly and it can be possible to connect many disciplines together. After that, LTE technology came forward to make 4G’s faster, which made 4G technology richer. Read this post to know more about 1G, 2G, 3G, 4G!

Where the question of connecting more devices together and where the requirements are increasing. The use of more bandwidth, of course, the technology that has the power to control more bandwidth. And you can say that the goal of 5G technology is to start with this issue.

Bandwidth in 5G

The bandwidth speed increase more than a few hundred won 5G out of the current 4G technology. Typically, this technology can achieve perfect connections + Gigabit / second speed. And the most interesting thing is that only 1-millisecond latency will be there. You may understand how using the 5G technology can dramatically increase Internet speed! By this technology, it will be possible to download or upload a 4K video easily. For a gamer, it will be a breakthrough. Another great feature of the 5G technology spends 90% less energy than 4G. Those who use cellular internet for 3G or 4G, they know how fast the charges are exhausted after getting connected to the Internet. But the 5G will not have the same case, using this technology can cost a little power like WiFi.

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With 5G technology provide the ability to use fast bandwidth. It will depend on how much mobile operators will give us. And since the question is about bandwidth, then now it is expected that mobile internet provider companies will not think of selling 1 GB of 1-3$, reduce the cost of their bandwidth, and the public spends so much bandwidth. If we are fortunate, then real internet plan can see on the mobile internet in 5G, and yes of course, without a Fair Use policy.

How does 5G work?

5G work

When you call a cell phone using a cell phone or send a message, then an electromagnetic wave from your mobile phone hits your closest cell phone tower. The cellphone tower helps the signal to reach your friend’s phone. Not just calling or text messaging, it also works in the same way when you send or receive any data (such as photos, videos).

Generally, after the advent of new wireless technology, to handle that technology properly use higher radio frequency. To operate 4G technology currently, use up to 20 MHz of radio frequency. But on 5G use up to 6 GHz of radio frequency. New wireless technology is always the reason for using more spectrum because it provides the ability to transmit more bandwidth. But the biggest problem is that increasing the radio frequency increases the bandwidth speed, but simultaneously the range of radio signal decreases. That’s why to use many inputs and output antennas to boost the signal.

  • Fast connection

Not only high bandwidth, but this technology is also designed specifically for connecting many devices together. Think about the Internet of Things, where each of your home electronics devices or electrical devices are connected. 5G technology is not like 3G or 4G have no limited to cell phones. On your virtual reality headset install 5G chips, and your computer will also have a chip, so the device can easily connect with each other using the same technology. Can use 5G technology in any device like WiFi, not just phones and cell phones, but for connecting the two devices.

When will come 5G?

When will come 5G

No wonder – because this technology already arrives in our midst and this service has already to test in some places in the Americas. Last year by a large mobile operator named Verizon announce 5G to provide trial services to some US states like Texas, Oregon, and New Jersey. Another mobile operator US Cellular consider being conducting experiments in labs before giving it as a trial.

Although these two large internet companies and mobile operators in the nation are already thinking of launching 5G services, it is not right for us to expect this much in the morning. Tell ‘us’ I mean Worldwide, not only Bangladesh (we did not get real 3G, then there is 4G, and 5G is our dream). According to most experts, this technology will not be available in WorldWide before 2020. But hopefully, many operators of many countries will work on this new technology by 2020-3030.

5G Technology Future?

Internet service

There is no doubt that this technology will provide a well next for mobile internet technology. Due to the ability to handle the high bandwidth, this technology may not only own mobile internet but also occupy its place on the home internet. You do not need to engage with a large cable for use the internet. Any high-end work will be possible from mobile internet. Think of the rural areas, which deprives of the utilization of the high-speed Internet, because Internet companies are not able to provide broadband cable, or fiber optic cable, in the rural areas by spending millions. After the introduction of 5G technology, rural people will also get access to Gigabit / second internet and operators will not need to spread it.

  • Poor latency

On the other hand, mobile internet latency is very poor, with 1 ml second latency, this technology can be accessible for gamers. If you like gaming online, then you must understand the essence of latency. When a device connects to another, latency may play a significant role at some point. For example, self-driving car, where there is a need to be attached to another with a self-driving car, there can be more than a few millisecond of latency make an accident. 5G technology can help each device create perfect connections between the devices themselves.

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  • Save power

This technology can retain more power due to the use of fewer energies. Not only the phone but also all the categories that you want to connect to the Internet. This high-speed network technology will make your life easier. The 5G modem connects to your computer or router and enjoys Gigabit / second internet. Even now Qualcomm and Intel already start to create chips for the 5G modem.

Since this technology with phones and cell towers, but not with any device. It may be possible to transmit data from your computers 5G chip to sync data to your phone, tablet, and TV. You can play multiple TV’s together with a gaming console.

Last word

Thinking that the future of this technology is not enough to end the probability. Where wireless technology can get 100 gigabit / second speed, there can be a complete replacement of the cable connection. It may be that, after a few years, almost every 5G service use on your phone, and your home fridge will also be connected to the Internet using this technology. Maybe the term like smart roads or smart cities may come in front of us. So in a word, the 5G technology will allow us to have more bandwidth with low latency and multiple devices connected to our wireless. Hopefully, you enjoy this article about 5G, because I’ve probably discussed almost all the issues. If you have any questions, please let me know. Please share the post. You can read 

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