This blog was founded in 2017, TechBuf is a technology blog. Hare I discuss different complexities of technology and make easy to understand difficult technology issues and everyone is able to understand. All the information on this blog is already on the internet. The main goal of this blog is to publish information from different sources and make simple to understand clearly.

Here I discuss modern Computing, Mobile, the Internet, and Security etc. Shushanta Kumar is the admin of this TechBuf blog. His goal behind this blog is to teach science and technology by simple language. Your support may be to fulfill the purpose of this blog.


Shushanta Kumar

TechBuf admin “Shushanta Kumar

Name – Shushanta Kumar
Address – Tangail 1983, Bangladesh
Facebook – Facebook.com/shushanta04
Email – shushantak@gmail.com
Skype – shushanta10

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