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Why Android Update Not Available For My Phone? | Get Android Update

Whenever Google releases Android update, we are almost waiting for it to get the android update. Update are available on some phones after one month or two

months, and no updates are available even after waiting for one year for many phones. But why? OK! There is nothing to worry. Keep reading this post, and today you will know why updates do not come on your phone. How Android Update works and how you always install the latest Android on your phone.

Some information regarding Android update

Android Update version

Google releases a new version of Android every year. As the last version of last year was Android Nougat and this year’s preview version has released Android O. Now let’s talk about whether this latest update will come in the Android Nougat on your phone or not. Whenever Google releases an update, they always target their Nexus phones. As Google Nexus phones this year was “Nexus 5 X” and “Nexus 6P” Google has now released Android Nougat specifically for these two phones.

Moreover, the previous Nexus phones were “Nexus 6” and “Nexus 5”. Google made Nougat even after considering these two phones. So Google had total four phones for which they had to make Nougat. And the Android team makes Nougat easier for these four phones. The ones you are using “Nexus 5 X” and “Nexus 6P” are using Nougat and as soon as the “Nexus 6” and “Nexus 5” user have received Nougat updates.

What is the fault of other company’s phones?

That was Google Nexus. Let’s talk about Samsung, Sony, HTC and other company’s phones. Other companies who use Android as their phone OS, they do not use stock Android. Stock Android is what Google created, which seen on Nexus phones. But when Google share its stock to other Android phone companies, then the companies customized it and made the Android itself

For a Nexus phone dialer, app drawer, theme, completely different from Samsung or HTC’s layout. Many times they customize Android so much that it does not have any understanding of any version of Android. If you are using a Samsung phone, Out of the way there will not be any difference between Android Marshmallow or Android Lollipop.

Now companies have to work hard to create this custom Android. When Google shares its Android updates to other companies, they add a lot to that Android. Such as changing app icons, changing the app and changing the app drawer, etc. So that think you are using that company’s phone. The company needs some time in this custom process. Reasons to bring these changes to Android is time-consuming. Because of this, updates are available on your phone after 2-3 months of Google official Android update release.

Again, the update is available only in the company’s flagship shipping phones. That is, the company is thinking of providing updates to the company’s expensive phones only. If you talk about Samsung here, then Samsung just asked to update its expensive phones such as Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge to Android Nougat. If you think of LG, then they are thinking of LG G4 or G3 only. Thus all phone companies target their good phones to update.

Why not get the latest Android Update?

Suppose companies try to update all their phones, but it may take more time to update. In the market, phones are ranging from $ 80 to 1000 in the company of Samsung LG and Sony, etc. Often the small budget phone hardware is not suitable for Android updates. As a result, updating is not possible on all phones. If you have purchased a Samsung low budget phone, then there is no possibility of getting your update. If you buy a middle price phone, you may get a new update, and then you will never get the update. Because they only target their high priced phones to make regular updates.

Now if you talk about Symphony Walton or Lava phone then these companies are much smaller. They try to keep the domestic market. It seems to me that almost every day a new Chinese company is coming to the market with their mobile. In these situations, these companies can provide Android updates to their respective phones to maintain their standard. But the story is similar to famous companies. Chinese companies also made custom Android from stock Android and then made updates for their phones. After the release of updates, Chinese phones may take 2-3 months to get updates.

Custom Android can not see on Motorola’s phones. They use the stock Android. Just enter some of the apps and release the updates for their phones. In this case, it is much easier to publish new updates to Motorola. But if you look at other companies, they all use custom Android, no matter what business you say. Updates are the companies themselves, after thinking that how many updates will make for the phone.

How do you always use the Android Update version on your phone?

Update Android

If you want to use the latest Android update on your phone straight to English, then your phone needs to be rooted. If the model of your phone is accessible, there is no reason to worry, and you will get the custom ROM before receiving the official OTA update. You can easily update your phone. You do not have to wait for the company’s official updates to come. And you can update your phone with just 2-3 clicks.

At Last

Now you know why does not your Android update come on the phone? I hope I can answer all the questions you have in mind. Hope you enjoyed this post and had come to know many things like that. Again, if you like the post, then share it with a lot more. If you have any questions related to Android update, please let me know by this contact. I hope you can make a great chat with me.

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