Comment Policy

TechBuf blog take policy seriously. Hare publish the quality post about different technologies. Each post and tips tricks are written just to help you. To highlight a topic on the blog and connect with readers, have the facility to comment TechBuff is not an exception. Through the comments, the reader raises their opinions and questions. But spammer comments to blog with another purpose that could corrupt the value of a blog.

So TechBuf checks each comment before it’s published. If your comment breaks our policies, it is deleted and not released. Another thing to remember that if you break the comments policy, your IP with email and domain links may be blocked.


  • Name – Enter the name of the commentator’s name at the place of entry, no keywords such as “Tech Blog” etc. can not be entered here. Only your name or any pseudonym can be used.
  • Comments – Try to create a post related comments. Comment by asking a question about technology or any opinion so that the comments report comes in handy for other readers. However, there is no place for spam comment on this site.
  • The link in comments – To share extra information with everyone, you can share external links. You can not share more than two links​ in a comment to keep linking balance. However, the shared link must be necessary with the post. You can’t plan to link in comments to get backlinks for your own website.
  • Abusive words– Everyone on this blog has the power to express his opinion, but this does not mean that you can tell what you want. If someone comments using inappropriate words, they will be blocked with IP without notice, and the comment will be deleted.
  • Last talk – TechBuf is not responsible for any comment on this blog, the commentator is responsible for all comments. While commenting on this blog, it acknowledges that every comment made by him is his responsibility, and he is the owner of that commentary.

If you have any problems or questions about this comment policy, please express your opinion or questions by emailing or Contract.

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