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Today, I will discuss ten computers misconception you were the victim of those ideas. After reading the post, you should stop believing them. Some of these computers misconceptions have a small value, and some ideas are just a Bullshit. It’s time to stop thinking those wrong computer ideas. You may like What is Quick Charging Technology? | Smartphone battery will charge in 15 minutes. Let’s go

Restart the computer

Computers Misconception

After every program install, you must restart the computer! … Really? What will happen if not? Will the program not work? “Hey brother, I just do not want to do, tell me what? After installing the program, the program itself request to restart the PC. But, in a rude way, almost 90 percent of the program does not need to ask to reboot the PC from the program after installing the program. But some program needs to restart after installing that software. It is necessary to modify some files in the new software which is already locked by other applications. It maybe require to restart your PC for access to it. But 100 times this need to be five times. So after installing any new program, keep using PC comfortably, avoid asking to restart, believe your computer will run as regularly as before. Stop believing this computers misconception.

Insecure Windows

If you are regularly on the Internet, you must have heard this sentence, “There is no security in using Windows.” Thousands of YouTuber has made videos about it. Bloggers also have written a lot about this, they all have the same logic “Windows is the most user-friendly, so attackers and virus makers target is Windows, so if you are using Windows There is a chance of getting infected by a virus very quickly. It is true that most hackers create a virus by targeting Windows so that it can spread a lot together. If you keep Windows up to date regularly, backup your data, and follow all of my security related tips I’ve written, that you can be very safe. Remember, most hack attacks are only due to your inadvertence and Windows is not responsible for it.

The hacker finds your system error and then attack your system. Maybe there is a mistake in the software you already install, or you are using a crack software, where the hacker has already put the malicious code. To avoid these, please keep Windows Update on and update regularly, use the updated version of the installed software. If you can, stay 100 miles away from using the crack software. And those who go to Google to save bandwidth and search “HOW TO DISABLE AUTOMATIC UPDATE ON WINDOWS 10” Then after showing the tutorial stop Windows update system or those who still use Windows XP, “Man you guys are really in danger!”. Stop believing this computers misconception.

Computers Misconception: Safely eject pen drive

Pen drive, portable Hard Drive, Flash card, etc. before leaving those drives from computer click on the Safely Eject Removable Disk, Eject storage media or your pen drive, hard drive, flash storage media will be corrupted !!! Who say these? However, copying a file to the storage media or copying is not complete, if unplugged it can be corrupted. If you know that there is no file is being copied, in this condition just drag it down, believe that there will be no problem. There is nothing to worry. But if you run a portable software from a pen drive and if you do not know which file system you are using, it would be better to click on the Safely Eject Removable Disk or Eject Storage Media. You can pull 99 percent of the time without Eject. Stop believing this computers misconception.

Driver disk

I saw one of my friends store his router’s disk, monitor disk, motherboard disk, printer disk (installation disk). I do not understand why the hardware manufacturers are still sending the driver disc with the product. You tell me the CD is still there? There is no need to keep these drives in store. If your device is one year old or older, then this driver disk will be unemployed, due to the updates of all drivers. Using backdate driver is not a smart thing. To be the best, go to the website of your company or device that you buy to download and update the update driver. Stop believing this computers misconception.

No need to use Antivirus

“I’m very skilled on the computer, all security issues are my memories, I do not need antivirus.” You’re totally wrong. Of course, it is good to be aware of security; all possible security measures should need to take. Sometimes you will not be able to imagine how the virus will get infected, for example, you have visited a website that already infects with malware, there is some malware that starts working just when your browser loads page, there is no need to click or install anything. In this situation, the hacker may steal all information from your browser, such as your credit card number, online account, etc.

There is an extensive database of malicious sites in the antivirus program so that you will get the warnings before the visit. So there is also need to use a good quality antivirus as well as practice security. Keep your operating system, browser, all software, drivers, etc. update. Uninstall Java if already installed on your PC, it does not have any requirements. Most errors found in Java (Javascript is different). Stop believing this computers misconception.

I’ve Antivirus I’m 100 percent secure

Many people think, “Virus can not attack my system because I’m using antivirus!” Be patient. Antivirus software is never hackproof, and you will not guarantee 100 percent that your system will not infect with the virus. Your expensive antivirus program can not detect new Virus or Modified virus. In your antivirus virus database, it’s not already store Antivirus only detects viruses as they already exist in their database. But today’s antivirus can monitor the behavior of any program, whether they are stolen data or is trying to disable the system.

But remember, thief, are always more expert between the police. As the antivirus progresses, the viruses are becoming smarter at its twin speed. So you do not mean by using any antivirus that you’re completely safe. You must practice Best Security Practice. If you want to know more read all the articles from the security category, hopefully, you can learn a lot. Stop believing this computers misconception.

Fast Internet = Fast website

Many people think if they purchase fast internet speed that any site will load very quickly and any file will download fast. No, your idea is not right. But if you have a 10-20 MBps connection, really the page will load faster than your connection, and you will get better download speeds, but if you have 50 Mbps lines, you will not be able to understand the difference. Most of the time, websites do not use high servers, they do not have to support millions of users. But if you are downloading something from Google Drive, YouTube, Amazon Cloud, then surely you will get many fast speeds, maybe your speed increase.

The servers of other websites keep the bandwidth limit limited so that they can serve many users together. To give high-speed everyone needs a lot of powerful servers which are very expensive. So sometimes after download using 10 Mbps connection, you can see that 500kb per second is downloading, this is not your connection problem, the server can not give you speed support. Moreover, there is no need for fast Internet access, if you use a sharing connection that it may be necessary. Stop believing this computers misconception.

Computer Magician

“I know one brother, he is the expert to solve any computer problems.” You can be like this! Do not believe? Ok, I’m going to tell you some top secret. 99 percent of the time we do not have any ideas, what exactly is the problem with our computer? Writing error messages on Google search can find out if anyone had been there before this problem, if it is, then any website or forum can be easily resolved. So to be computer scientist means to be skilled in search engines, and to have the right questions in any forum.

Sometimes, to fix some problems, use your computer skills, but most of the time the search engine solves all problems. There is nothing like a computer magician. Next time, if you have a problem with your computer, just write Google by just doing the same thing. Hopefully, you will get the solution, and you will becoming an expert yourself. Stop believing this computers misconception.

More RAM = faster PC

More RAM makes a PC faster! Yes, this is true. But it is not always more beneficial. If you are a middle-computing person, that 8GB RAM will be enough for all your work. Now if you use Ram Handy app like Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere Pro or virtual machine, then it is ideal for you to have more RAM. But if you do not have much RAM requirements on your system and according to your work. You have thought “more RAM means more fast PC, ” but it will not work for you. Another thing to keep in mind is that the most important aspect with RAM speed or frequency is that the RAM latency. I will publish a post about RAM latency and try to discuss the matter more clearly. Stop believing this computers misconception.


When the computer turns on refresh 50 times and 200 times to work, refreshing to shut down the computer. There is an addition to refreshing our Windows users like taking drugs. But have you ever thought of refreshing this? “The PC is fast?” Not, your PC may turn slower. Do you know, every time the icons and files in your window reload while refreshing? There is a loss of computing power. Think there are 500 video files in a folder on your PC, now when you open the folder, it will take a while to load the thumbnails from the file if you refresh there, then the thumbnails of the files will reloading so that the Windows Explorer working slowly. Believe there will be no benefit to doing this, so protect your hands and mouse from refreshing, hope to get out of this disease. Stop believing this computers misconception.

The last about Computers Misconception

Today’s post was about a few misconceptions, some mistakes that I did not mention in this post and would try to discuss in another post. Do not forget to comments you were the victim of which wrong ideas. Must share the post with your friends. Thank you

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