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All you use the internet. But what is the dark internet?  There is a chapter on the Internet that you might not have used yet. Keep reading today’s article, and I will introduce you to the hidden section of the Internet with Deep Web and Dark Web.
The full Internet divided into three categories.

Dark internet

One Surface Internet;
Two Deep Internet;
Three Dark Internet;

Surface Internet

So the first thing is to talk about the Surface Internet. Those who use the Internet, they certainly know about the Surface Internet. If you are not sure, then I’ll tell you. Surface Internet is the web which used by every standard Internet user around the world. You use, I use and use it in the future is the Surface Internet.

It is also a part of the Surface Web that you are reading this post. Surface web is an internet access that can be consulted by any user at any time, without any special permission. And you can get almost all the information on the Surface Web by searching Google. That means that all the information that is available from Google search or you can open any website by clicking any link, they are all part of the Surfaces Web. In the same way, your daily news update site, a technology site, song download site, etc. Everyone is part of the Surface Web. But do you know that this website is only 5% of the entire internet! No wonder, that’s just the beginning of understanding.

Deep Internet

Dark internet


From research, it is known that almost 90% of the entire Internet is the Deep Web. First, know about what stored on this Deep Web. You have used many online storages to store your all data. For example, Google Drive or Dropbox, a large university information research or secret information stored or the amount of information or database of the bank, or the government’s secret projects that saved in the Deep Web. Speaking in my language that you can never find the information you search by Google, it is the Deep Web.
If you want to access any information from the Deep Web, you may need a particular web address. An individual site is a special web address for a particular server. And with the web address, you need special permission, which you can find useful information on that website. You may have to enter a login ID or password to accept the agreement, or it can be any authentication. But you will never be able to access the web without individual web addresses because no information on the Web indexed on Google or any search engine. No matter how much you are searching, you can never find and access what’s saved on Google Drive.
You can access those files only when the different links of those files will share with you. Hope you understand the Deep Web and its requirements. Many times we have to keep data on the internet, but we want them to be available only for certain people. For example, if a company has a database, then that company will want to access those data only by its selected users. Moreover, keeping the information secret for the Internet is a matter of high risk.

Dark Internet

Deep internet

You must know very well about the Deep Internet. But there is another section on the Internet that is hidden to everyone, and the name is Dark Internet or the stigma of the Internet. See Dark Internet just about this post. But before starting, I want to warn you that this dark Internet is an entirely invalid internet. Do not try to use Dark Internet anytime.
Let’s move on to the dark Internet. Everything is possible in Dark Internet anytime. Many illegal works including Dredging, Arms Dealing were completed in Dark Internet, which can not be discussed openly today in this post. Dark Internet Internet is the black section where everything is possible at any time. Dark Internet also can not be found by searching a standard Google search.

TOR Browser

If you want to use Dark Internet, you will need a unique internet browser. Which is known as the Internet Tor (TOR) browser? And if you use this tor browser then you can access anything on the Dark Internet. But again, it is entirely illegal to use it. Dark Internet on all types of black market Tor browser conveys your address in many locations, but only converts to the desired web address. The user who is in your possession can trace only you. Moreover, no one can trace you. Tor first discovered for the US Navy. But it has become a matter of time open nowadays. The Dark Internet is spreading like a net in the internet world. And it is tough to control it.

The government is slowly shutting down the Dark Internet. But the Dark Internet still exists. But I will not say that you do not use the whole browser. You can use Tor browser as VPN, and you can access the Surface Internet and Deep Internet. Do not forget to turn your back toward Dark Internet.

At Last

Friends, it was just an informative post about where I discussed the Deep Internet and Dark Internet. I would like this post just read for you. Do not ever visit the Dark Internet, and it is my personal request. Anyway, hope you liked the post. So of course, share more the post. Please, comment if you have any questions and opinions you have. Very soon you will see a new post. You may like What is the internet service | How does the Internet service work?.

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