Encryption meaning and What is Encryption | How does Encryption Work?

You must have heard about encryption now let’s know about the encryption meaning. It should make your data secure and safe Facebook and Gmail or Twitter etc

The saved data in Dropbox, One Drive or obtain your phone’s personal messages, encryption is very necessary in every case. In today’s post, I’m going to discuss more what is encryption and how it works. Hope to know a lot.

Encryption Meaning?

encryption meaning

Encryption is not a new thing. It is not that we have only used this method since 2-3 years ago. We’ve been using it for a long time. Encryption meaning is a process, where any data will send to a situation where the data can only be accessed by the person who is ready to receive it. And by mistake, if it goes to an undesirable person, then he can not figure out any of the data. That is the main features of Encryption. Let’s make the subject more clear by an example.

Encryption Explained


Suppose to create a simple encryption I write from “A, B, C, D” to “Z,” “A” as “B,” “B” as “C” and write as “C” as “D.” In this way, I will write the word that I want to write in the front of the character. Now suppose I want to write (“TECHNO”), now after the encryption of the above rule it will be the word (“UFDIOP”). Now the code that created after encryption, if anyone does not know that I have used one of the next words to encrypt it, then it will not be possible to find the actual word hidden inside it. And nobody can decode it.

So it was a very simple encryption. Now if you need to figure out the real data again from this encryption, what will be the key? It will be less than one letter that written. It is written “U” but if there is less than one character it will come back to “T” from “F” to “E” etc. Finally, the original word can found.


Now when I send someone this word If the person has the right key then it will be able to scan this note. So this is the idea of a simple encryption and key. Encryption We have been using for many days. For example, when it comes to the ancient world war, different secrets through various encryption The message was sent. But the method of encryption in the computer world is slightly different, but the subject matter is the same.

Public Key Encryption meaning

encryption meaning

Now talk about public key encryption. This method is quite common. And in most encryption, it’s used to be email or regular messages, or WhatsApp’s Encryption; Public Key Encryption used. Now, what is this public key encryption? Think I’m a user and you’re a user. Each of us has two keys. In that case, I also have two keys. One is the private key, which is only with me and the other is my public key that everyone will have.

And that’s what you have. There will be a private key that will remain with you, and the other will be the Public Key, which will be held by everyone. Now again a question, what is a public key or a private key? See the meaning of private or public words. Key here means that the formula of an encrypted data decode is in this key. Using this key a message can convert the original message. Now let’s learn some important things about public keys and private keys.

Encryption Meaning

Suppose you locked a message using a public key. So it is possible to open the message only with the private key. Again, if you secure a message with a private key, it is possible to open it only with the public key. Before understanding the details, please read this formula well. I want to send a message “Hello” to another user. So what I will do, another user will have their public key (which is kept by everyone) with that public key, encrypted my message “hello” and send it to him. The user will be able to open the message I sent just by using his private key.

If anyone gets the message in the middle of it, he will not be able to open it. If I want to secure this message a bit more and want to make sure, I send the message (everyone who has the public key can send the message using it). First, I will secure the message with the public key of the user I want to send the message than The second time I will lock the message with my private key. When the message goes to that user, he will see that “private key locks this message,” then he will unlock the message using my public key, and then using his private key will ultimately open the message.

Importance of encryption


Public key
Friends this matter is a little complicated but hope this paragraph after 2-3 times clear apparently. That means the public key encryption meaning can be decrypted by the private key and with the private key encryption decrypt by the public key. It works on this formula. This essential formula is used to transmit any data. For example, if you have logged in an account or sending someone continuous messages etc. Then your data is secured and saving the data. But how are they secure in the data that already stored? For example, you have uploaded many photos to Google Drive or Dropbox or saved your credit card information on different websites.

Help to secure these data, and there is a help hash table approach. What is this hash table? Suppose my name is “Shushanta Kumar”. My name saves on different websites.

Hash Table Encryption System

My name won’t saved directly as “Shushanta Kumar” if I save using the hash table system,  It will compose a lot of text together with the words and save in a different sense. And its recovery only possible with the key. These types of data decoded as impossible. But still, there is nothing called Impossible in this world of science and technology. Experts are always concerned about how to get any information from any place. It is a rough run on both sides. Save the data and those security experts think they are more concern. Those De-code experts, they always try to find the wrong error of the encryption.

Generally speaking, these forms of encryption used more often. But public key encryption formulas used in most encryption. Even the latest WhatsApp App that has exposed to end-to-end encryption systems is also a public key encryption. Where each user has two key keys, a public key for everyone and the private key for yourself. Locking anything using public key will open it only with its private key and using some private key will only open it with the public key.

At Last

Hope you like and enjoy this encryption meaning post superb. And you know a lot about encryption. By this detail discussion (Encryption meaning and What is Encryption) post. But I think that through this debate you have come to know all the necessary things. You can tell me any questions about the encryption in the comments. I have discussed this important issue today, so I think it is worth getting more shares. So share as much as you can. You may know that over 95% of the Internet and Google’s content written in English.

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