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What is GPS navigation and Glonass? | How does GPS work? | TechBuf

It’s not possible to find a person that did not hear the name of the GPS navigation. It’s a technology that changed the way of our life. If you forget or do not recognize any road or lane, you do not have to ask anyone, GPS navigation technology will find everything. But have you ever wondered how this GPS technology works? How the GPS able to tell you the correct position? So let’s try to know everything in details. You may also like Mac vs Windows, What is better?

History of GPS

History of GPS

Friends, the full name of GPS is “Global Positioning System.” It is a technology that makes easy to find your position through the Navigation Unit of Mobile, Tablet, Laptop, etc. It first started in 1970-1980, when US Air Force launched some GPS satellites, to a relation with Army Navigation. But in 1983 when Russia attacked and destroyed a civilian aircraft because the plane entered their area by mistake, then the US government decided that the GPS would be available for the general public and the facility is installed on all the aircraft for navigation.

After 12 years of hard work in 1995, the GPS navigation introduces with the public. But at that time the technology was not so accurate, only the position can guess. And in 2000, GPS navigation was working more accurately. After that, between 2005 to 2015, the US Air Force launched roughly 50 GPS satellites. That’s why today’s GPS navigation technology is much stronger and able to determine your real position.

How does GPS navigation technology work?

How does GPS work

Let’s know how this technology works. There are many satellites installed around the earth, and they are continuously moving around the globe. Each of these satellites has an Atomic Clock installed. What is this Atomic Clock? The Atomic clock is a clock that is capable of holding up to 1 billion years of correct time; it does not forget 1 second or 1 millisecond time. In this situation, these satellites are always sending signals to the earth. And when a signal is transmit from the satellite, time is also set with this signal. And the signal sent is 50 bytes per minute. That means it is a small and very weak signal.

There is a GPS navigation receiver (Not GPS transmitter) installed on your mobile phone. This receiver tries to make a connection with more satellite and try to receive more signals. If your mobile phone’s GPS unit is successful to connect with three satellites, that it will able to locate your location accurately. When your phone receives the satellite signal, mobile knows where the signal come and from which satellite. The mobile phone also understands where was the satellite location. Your phone will tell you the correct location by subtracting your location and time from these data. If GPS unit connects with four satellites, then it will be able to measure the height of your position from the sea level.

Phones GPS

So, friends, this was explained that how GPS navigation technology works. But your phone’s GPS works even more. When you turn on the GPS in a car, show your location there and change your position random, the GPS navigation changes that in live. In this situation, your mobile phone costs more battery power. Your phone always receives a new signal for your location. And sometimes it is necessary to connect with new satellites. Always repeat the information which receives from the satellite. As a result, complete those work use more battery power. Battery power costs depend on the speed that car will run. Because your phone will try to catch a new signal as soon as possible.

US Air Force is working on this technology, to make it more powerful, and to use GPS navigation at very low battery cost. With this, the European Union is also working on a technology that works with GPS navigation to help to locate the location faster.

What is A-GPS?

What is A-GPS

A-GPS is a partner of GPS, which we call Assisted GPS. In this method, some data use by mobile network, and the exact location is determined. When the phone searches for GPS signals, the A-GPS help to find satellites that are around the location by the mobile network. And GPS receivers reach signals as quickly as possible.



In addition to GPS, there is another technology to locate the location, named GLONASS. It is Russian technology. But this technology has not yet become popular. On every smartphone, you will see GPS, and there are some smartphones which have the Glonass technology. If you have a Glonass technology on your phone, you will get some facilities. If your phone is failed to get a GPS signal, but you can get your exact location with Glonass technology. Future maybe this technology will be more popular.

The last word

Friends, hopefully, you’ve learned a lot about GPS technology. If any of you have any questions about this technology, do not forget to comment. I want to know a lot, tell me your opinion about this technology. If you like the post, please share it.

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