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If you are a computer or network insect, you must think about WiFi security. How strong is the security of your WiFi network – it certainly matters. You may believe that using a long and strong password or keeping your system hidden or using the most recent security standards; you keep your WiFi safe. But your WiFi password may hack yet. You need to read this article, which will allow you to be aware of the much unknown information.

Hide wifi Network SSID

Your WiFi network is completely fooled to keep SSID hidden behind it. Using some standard WiFi hacking tools, it is also possible to find hidden wifi network SSID’s. Your family member, friend or your store’s customer may not be able to connect to your secret network. But a hacker will easily find your hidden network and start any other tool and hack your WiFi password. You may like .

Tip: There is no particular need to hide your network SSID. Many times hackers try to hack into hidden networks. What does it do to hide things that you do not hide?

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WEP Password

The WP password was an old way to provide security to the WiFi network. It is possible to hack WIFI password easily by collecting packets from broadcasts traffic around the WiFi network. Possible to automatically crack any local wp network using a special type of router. This router breaks the wp system and rebroadcasts those signals using the correct and strong security standards.

Sadly, so many older devices are incompatible with WPA. Old iPhone or old gaming console or many old Android phones do not support WPA.

Tip: Never set a WSP dependent password on your router. If you have a partition that does not support WPA that it’s time to throw those disks into the dustbin. Today, there is no need to use WPA. If you still use WPA, that anyone can easily hack your WiFi password, keep an eye on your web traffic, and use all your bank accounts, and something more terrible can happen to you.

WPA Security

WPA Security

You might think, “I’m safe because I use a long characters password and my network is protected by WPA2-PSK the best security system.” OK, maybe you’re saying correctly. But still, you are not completely safe. Most of the routers use WPS technology. To connect quickly or in a single patch use, WPS technology. Just like touching gaming console or wifi printer is attached to the router. After touching it requires an eight-digit number, which already prints on the router or the bottom of the router.

Now this eight digit number can bypass easily. However, many routers after enter the wrong password three times in a row being suspended for 60 seconds to connect. Therefore, it can take approximately 6.3 years to crack eight digit numbers through a brute force attack (try to find out the real password randomly). So what are you thinking?

The hacker will divide the 8-digit password into two parts of 4 numbers. Now try to guess the first four digits. If the first four digits match correctly, your router will send a notification to help him, “You entered the first half password correctly.” Hacker needs the first four digits of the matching, the remaining half the four numbers. That means eight numbers has become four numbers. Now every set will have only 10,000 coordinates. As a result, it will take a few hours less than the wait of 6.3 years to get your WiFi password. Many routers do not have a 60-second suspension option. As a result, your most protected WPA password Will hack in just a few hours. So how to protect yourself now?

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  • Keep WPS off – Many routers have WPS to keep it safe using a different pin. There is options to change alphabetical (characters and numbers together) password without leaving the WPS number in the password. But it is best to turn it off.
  • Keep WiFi off – It’s best to keep your router off at the end of your work. If you do not have more than one device or WiFi is not so important, then use the internet provided directly to your cable company or ISP. Always keep your router’s firmware up to date, when the update arrives, please update without delay.

Last word

There is no 100% safe WiFi network. Your network still hacks although you use a bigger password or more security. But if you want to be safe, keep separate wireless functions from the router or keep WPS off. Now use hacking tools to test your system by the attack against your network, if you do not find any errors, then you will be safe. You can read .

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