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What is IP address?| What exactly the IPv4 and IPv6 | TechBuf

All of you internet users have heard about IP address. But do you know, what is IP address? What are the importance and requirement? What are the types? In this post, I will be discussing these issues today. So let’s start discussing these fun topics quickly. You may also like, What is the internet service | How does the Internet service work?

What is IP address?


Friends, what do we do on the internet? We exchange information on the web. You may be reading this blog using your phone or using a laptop or a PC. But from where is the information coming in this blog coming? These data are coming from a server located in a country. You can see the information on the screen with your phone loaded from that server. When you watch a YouTube video or visit a website, it associated with information from different servers. When you receive an email or send an e-mail to anyone, you still have information on the Internet. That is how we accomplish the activities on the Internet, actually the information exchange.

In the previous day, we sent different information from one place to another through postal and letter, yet we do the same thing through the Internet. Think I want to send you a message, but what do I have to do? Your home must have an address, and it is possible to send any information by post, by mentioning your neighborhood name, your area name, your police station, your post office, your district, etc. In the same way, all of you and me have a home address. Based on the country and the place, the address is different.

But the Internet uses the whole world and takes their information from a location to another, so need a particular address to exchange information by the web. This particular address is IP address. The full name of the IP address is “Internet Protocol Address.” Protocol means a specific rule, that is, it will be in a certain format, it will be separate from everyone, and it will use everyone to establish relationships with each other.

Types of IP Addresses. IPv4 and IPv6

IPv4 and IPv6

A common IP address consists of four sections. Each chapter has a limit of 0 to 255 in the range. That is a 32 bit-based addressing system. An example of this address is “”. Everyone have a unique address. This official address is called IPv4 address. That is, it is the fourth number of Internet Protocol Addresses. But this IPv4 Ray has some limitations. And this is the IPv4 can only generate just four billion unique IPs [IPv4 address limit “4,299,967,266]. If you want to create more than four billion addresses, you will start making from the first one.

But here the subject is the unique address, and everyone must have a valid unique address. Maybe when the IPv4 system first created for the first time, it may not have been thought that the Internet user in the world would grow so much, or one person would have 3 – 4 devices. So perhaps they could not imagine that just how many IP addresses would we need in the future Today’s IPv4 address limit is four billion which is almost over. And we do not have a new address at all.

IPv4 & IPv6

That’s why we upgraded a new system, which is named IPv6(Test IPv6 speed ). It is an addressing system of 128 bits. An example of this is “3ffe: 1900: 4545: 3: 200: f8ff: fe21: 67cf”. With this addressing system, we can generate roughly different addresses [my ability is not to calculate]. IPv6 is possible to generate “340,2282366,920,938,463,463,374,607,431,768,1111456” unique addresses. That is to say, if every human has a few million device, through this system then it will not be possible to end up using the unique address. But sadly, today we do not use IPv6, we only use IPv4. Because to use IPv6, your internet service provider, modem or router and website hosting servers should also use IPv6 together. And we do not use IPv6 yet.

Less than 1% of the world’s people use IPv6. Moreover, we all use IPv4. IPv6 is not just a different addressing format. Packets that are in your data and the format of the data that contains the header format, the size of the packet is also much more efficient than the IPv4. And IPv6 helps in increasing your internet performance. Now it is a matter of watching when we start using this addressing system, i.e., IPv6.

Although the limit of IPv4 is over, how is it used in new devices?

limit of IPv4

I know, whenever I said that the IPv4 limit is only up to 4 billion. And we have ended up all the IPv4 addresses, since then maybe you have got the question in your mind that if people are buying a new mobile or a new computer how do they generate new IP address because the list finished.

To solve this problem, we have created a technique called NAT (Network Address Translation). The IP address of the number of different parts of your house that connected to your laptop mobile or TV with the router, such as the IP address of your mobile, like or laptop’s address and TV’s address So these are the addresses that start from 192.168 are your local addresses, which your router or modem gives to your devices. But the external address is the same. The matter is simple to understand more easily.

Suppose you request a website by a mobile which connected to the router. And from a laptop request to open youtube which also connects to the same router, but the application will remain the same address for web servers, and Your router knows that these requests made from a particular device, and accordingly, your router provides data from the internet server in the instrument. So this NAT system hides many addresses behind an IP address, and we have been working on those four billion addresses till now.

More about IP addresses


If you want to check the IP address of your device, enter Google and go to the search bar and type “What is my IP.” You will find your address in the search result. Some people use the internet by changing their real IP address. And thinking that no one else can trace them. That is the wrong idea that you can use the internet by changing the address, it is possible to trace you. So forget about any bad things to change address. And that would be good for you.

At last


You must know about all the issues of IP address. Know what it does, how it works, why it is necessary and what kind. If you have any more questions about this topic, please comment and share this post with friends.

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