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Friends, you may read many posts about Mac vs Windows PC, or watch videos, they are usually supporting a party. Many people say Mac is the best of all, and many say Windows PC is the best. But I think that’s the best that can meet your needs properly. So today’s Mac vs Windows PC comparisons will not only for one. Depends on your requirements that Mac is right for you or Windows PC? Keep in mind your computing needs; I make some points on which to complete today’s comparisons. You will try to fend off some misconceptions from your mind. Let’s move on to more details. You may also like what is smart home?



The point that comes first is to see that the variety. To look at the variety, it is important to say that the variety of Windows PC is first. According to your budget, you can purchase any Windows PC for your needs from $ 200 to $ 4000. You can buy a laptop and a tablet or make a custom PC, that is what you like. You can upgrade your PC’s hardware if you want it later. These things are a great advantage for Windows PC.

But at Mac, you will get some limited models that Apple makes. Such as; Mac Book, Mac Book Air, Mac Book Pro, iMac, Mac Pro, Mac Mini, etc. Once you buy any model, then the system upgrade option will be limited. Only some models will have the choice to upgrade. For this case, the variety is certainly more convenient for Windows PCs.

Software Stability

Software Stability

The second point is the software stability. This point has many advantages of using Mac. As Apple make hardware and software itself, Mac hardware and software tuning are much better. The system is much faster, and the crash is much less. If you do not turn off the Mac, it always works continuously, whatever you want, Mac will never trouble you. And every time you can do all the tasks smoothly. You have a heavy task, and normal task, Mac will always give you a stability experience.

But this does not happen in the case of Windows PC. Microsoft is a software company. They have made Windows, but there are many manufacturers, such as HP, Dell, Asus, Lenovo, etc. and everyone has a separate standby model. Windows can not properly tune with everyone because some of the company’s hardware is bad. In this case, many people blame about Windows, but the real culprit is those PC manufacturer company. For ready Windows with various makers, Windows needs to run different drivers for different PC. For this reason, the Windows PC is not so fast as a Mac, and it crashes a lot of time to work. Microsoft’s Surface Pro 4 will also not software stability like any Mac. You can get more benefits by buying Mac regarding software stability.



In the case of Usage, if you think about playing games, then I will say buy a Windows PC. You can not play a game on Mac perfectly. In Mac, the gaming performance is boring. For gaming, a custom PC will be good for you. Or you can do gaming with any good Windows laptop.

But if your usage demand is to made audio video production or if you work in a media industry that in this situation I would suggest you buy a Mac. You get high-end performance in audio video production. Apple has some software; its tuning is excellent. You can build Windows PC with a lot less cost than MacBook Pro or iMack. But if you talk about crash less performance, maybe it will not see on Windows PC like Mac. For example, if you go to big industry, you will often see using Mac Book Pro or iMac, etc. There you will never see a Windows PC to use. This situation has a significant advantage over Mac’s media production and Windows PC for gaming.

Virus Attack

Virus Attack

Many people have a wrong idea about the virus attack. They think Mac is not attacked by viruses anymore; it is not true at all. Mac has the risk of virus attack but much less than the Windows PC. If you do not use any antivirus on the Mac, you may still safe. Because in the market 99% Computers use Windows. In this situation, when a hacker creates a virus, he always creates viruses for the Windows PC. Because getting more users affected by virus means more profit. A lot of people does not use Mac, so hackers do not make too many viruses for Mac.

Mac vs Windows: Software

Mac vs Windows Software

The question that comes to the mind of almost everyone who thinks of buying Macs that is about software. Many people believe there are different between software for Mac and Windows PC. Before tension, you need to know that there are many big developers, such as Adobe, Auto Desk, and even Microsoft Office, all software are available for Mac OS, and Windows PC platforms. The problem is very little that any significant developer’s software is for Mac or only for Windows.

You will almost always see that all your necessary software is available for both Mac and Windows. Sometimes there are some small utilities which may be available for Windows PC, but the same utility is not available for Mac. In this case, for Mac, you need to find the other utility. It’s never happened that the software is running on a Windows PC, it will not be available for Mac. Except for Apple’s exclusive software, apart from those for Mac, any major software manufacturer will have all the software for both Mac and PC.

Dual Boot on Mac

Many people think that if I buy a Mac, then I can use Windows by the dual boot. Yes, you can do it. But I will advise you never do this. Because Windows will not give better performance on the Mac, you can use Windows. Even if you are using two OS together, your system will become slow and once the whole system starts getting bad performance.

Dual Boot on Windows

In the same way, many people think that creating a custom PC will run together Windows and Mac by dual boots. Yes, you can do it too. But the performance of the Mac on a custom PC will never be the same as the original MacBook or iMac. There are problems too; you will not get official software updates. As a result, you need to update everything by formatting repeatedly. In my opinion, if you need a Mac that purchases Mac, buy Windows PC if Windows is needed.

Mac vs Windows: Price

Mac vs Windows Price

Friends now came to the main point of Mac vs Windows, that is the price. From the price side, many people think Mac is much more expensive. Yeah, I was thinking many times. But it is not entirely accurate. If you look at the cost, that Mac’s price starts from $600, where Windows PC available in $200. But if you think about Surface Pro 4, Alien VR, it’s more expensive than Mac. It is not that everything is cheaper in Windows and costly to Mac. Depending on what configuration or model you are buying. At some point in this situation, Windows is more expensive, and sometimes Mac is more expensive.

Another example about Mac vs Windows┬áis that Apple’s I-Mac 27-inch 5k is available and the same price needs to buy Dell’s 27-inch 5k monitors. But think that at almost the same price you can buy a full Hi-configuration Mac computer instead of the Dell monitor. But again if you talk about Apple Mac Book Pro that it’s an ultra-expensive device. And if you create a PC at that price, you can create 2 or 3 times more powerful systems than that. So price depends on the quality and configuration.

The last word

Those were some points to compare about Mac vs Windows. There is nothing more to compare than that. Here I share my personal opinion. If you are a Mac user, you can try using Windows to get a new experience. If you are a Windows user, then you can try Mac. It’s not a fight that Windows is better or Mac. For every user, the computer that works with needs is best for them. If you are gaming person, then you will have to stay in the windows. It is not possible to say that one is the best from other. But you can tell it depends on your work needs. Hope this is a great post for you. S

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