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Machine Learning | Teach The Computer | Machine Learning Algorithms

You have heard about machine learning. I’m going to discuss this how it works and its future etc. Let’s know more about something new today.

Machine learning

Machine learning algorithm

Think if we teach something to the computer, how is it? So what is the machine? The machine is the computer. You must know that the computer is a very modern device, which can solve billions of mathematical problems in second. What do you think, Is the computer more intelligent? If you believe that your computer is a smart device, then you are wrong. Our computer is fast and has enough strong processing capabilities, but computers have not the same intelligence and tactics as humans. The knowledge and tactics are among us, that is in humans.

For example, if you solve a large number of mathematical problems, the computer will solve it super quickly. If you want to go to the moon or send a rocket to Mars, the computer can do the calculation very fast. You do not have to calculate by pain. But friends, computer do not know how to apply intelligence? If we want to teach computers to make brains so that they can be intelligent like us, it will be called machine learning.

Why Machine Learning

The computer will make significant calculations, but if you show a dog image to the computer, and ask what it is? He can never say that it is a picture of a dog, my picture, or a picture of a cat because the computer does not know how a dog’s picture is. In this situation, if we want to teach the computer that it is a dog, it is like this or a dog in this breed. It is a flag of a country, and this is the United States Flag. A word in front of the computer is “Technology.” The computer can probably scan the word, But it can not say that it used in any work. He can not understand the human emotions. If people can teach human intelligence, human emotions, and techniques of a person, then it is machine learning.

Importance of machine learning

Google self drive car

Now you might say, what is the necessity of machine learning? What would be to teach the computer so much? Friends have requirements to teach the computer. For example, remember the Self-drive car. When there are many cars in front of the self-drive car, and people may have walked on the street, there may be electric sticks on the side of the road, and another car can move faster from the front. Consider how many things are together. In this situation, the self-drive car needs to scan everything and evaluate their importance. It will not happen to save the road crest, and someone will push on the way. Or, after seeing a small bottle in the street, the car is not going on the other side.

Car needs to analyze what is the thing and what is the importance of the thing between all things. There are many types of the sign on the road such as stop sign, left navigation, right navigation, do-not-horn, etc. In this situation, the computer must need to understand, that what is a sign and what is the function of this sign. Think now, think there is a stop sign beside the road. Showing this sign the computer can understand that it is the stop sign. But if there is dust, dust on the sign or if the color becomes removes in the sign and if the storm gets a little, then people will quickly understand that it was a sign. But if the computer can understand it, that imagine how amazing the machine will become through learning.

Machine Learning Algorithms

Machine learning algorithm


Think about Google’s new application Allo or Apple’s I-Message, see that the mobile phone can understand what you are doing on your screen by reading your full screen. Think about Google Now. By tapping your phone’s google now, your phone screen will scan by Google Now and say what you’re doing. You are watching a video, talking to someone or browsing the internet all those things your mobile can understand and speak

Think again about the Google Photos app or the new iOS 10 apps. Here, when you place a photo, they are separated into different groups. Suppose you go to a mountain you capture a photo, and the photo named as a mine. If you go to a particular place or pick up a picture of your pet cat, then Google photos create a group called Cat and save it. When you search for the image, go to the search and write that the Blue Balloon on My Hand, the Photos app will scan all of your pictures and see that any photo has a blue balloon. If found out, bring it in front of you. Do you think is it any particular matter? But yes this is a matter. Because a computer never has the power to understand it. Only for machine learning, it could be possible.

Future machine learning is going to carry a huge revolution. The facilities we are going to get from the machine learning are not to end. And you can not imagine that there could be so much because you have never explored so much.

At Last

Friends Hopefully, you’ve already known a lot about machine learning. And surely you can imagine that shortly there are many going by computer. Hope this post and today’s topic was very helpful. If you are like me, who loves to know about new technology then surely you like this post, know about Hacker Type, What is Hacking? Hacking is legal or illegal? Protect yourself. You can tell me what you think about the benefits of machine learning as well as what other benefits can we get. And of course, do not forget to share the post.

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