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Metal detector magnetic field; In a shopping mall or any other prominent place, surely you see that the security guards here have one such device, if you have a metal, such as coins or your bike’s keys, then it starts beating the beep after a beating. Yes, friends, I’m talking about metal detectors. Using this technology, our military and security guards ensure the safety services across the globe. Metal detectors are works on science and electromagnetism. Let’s know how they work! You may like what is IP address?

Magnetism and Electricity


This Metal Detector is not a new technology. Although it was using for various safety purposes, it first introduce to find hidden treasures. Anyway, we will try to find out how this technology works. Electrify, and magnetism is two things which are intensely related to each other. I mean, two bodies in one body.

That is, wherever there is electricity, there will be magnetism, and wherever there is magnetism, electricity will be ready. Let’s look at the issue from a deeper point. Now think about the power, from where it comes to your house? Maybe it comes from the power plant or a coal power plant or a generator plant in your house. However, modern countries have tiny and wind energy plants.

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Now the question is how exactly the power generate in these power plants? In the river water plants, then there are massive dams in front of a river, and there is a huge stream of water to reduce the river’s face with the dam. Now, this water increase the water level and setup a turbine (fan wheel rolling wheel). This turbine starts to rotate due to the high flow of water; an electric generator is fitting with this turbine – which generates electricity by utilizing the rolling power.

In the same way, coal power plants also work. By massive coal heating a large quantity of water. Now the vapor emitted from this hot water helps turn a turbine, and an electric generator is fitting with this turbine. It generates electricity by utilizing the rolling power.

Magnetic Field

In every case, the generator is coming. Now the question is how does generator produce electricity? The generator is usually a big drum of copper, which means there is a large copper coil inside it. The magnetic field surrounds the copper wire. When the coil rotates through the magnetic field, produce the electroactivity of the magnetic field.

Using this generating electrician, we carry out various electric appliances, such as washing machines, electric fans, or electric motors. See these electrical devices, work opposite the electric generator. When the electricity is flowing through an electrochemical mother, a variable magnetic field in the copper coil inside the motors is created, which is a constant magnetic field always pulling on the opposite side, so the motor starts to rotate.

We became apparent that we could create magnetism using electricity and we could generate electricity from magnetism. And this theory gave us first a Scottish physicist-whose name is Maxwell

How does metal detector work?

metal detector work

Different metal detectors work in various ways, but each of them has a basic science to work. Metal detectors have a wire coil that is similar as transmitter coil. When the electric current is flowing through the coil, a magnetic field is forming around it.

Now when you take this metal detector over a metal object, there will be some changes in the atom located in the metal object. It means that the magnetic field coming from metal detectors will modify the electrons’ orbital axis. Now we know from Maxwell’s theory that if a magnetic field changes the metallic substance of a metal object, then there is electricity.

Metal detectors

The metal detector inserts a small electrolytic into a metal object. Again, the theory of Maxwell suggests that magnetism is creating if there is any electrification remove on a piece of metal. When a metal detector is moving over a metal object, the magnetism of metal detector enters the electrodynamics between the metal objects and another attraction is created to introduce the electric, which is the second magnetism.

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Now, this second magnetism is the detection of metal detectors. There is a second cable coil in the metal detector, which is receiver compilable-and it is related to a circuit that has a loudspeaker. As I said before, another magnetism was creating in the metal object, which detects the detector in the sensor and the electric generate power. This electrical energy goes to the loudspeaker, and the beep beats the audio. And in this way, a metal detector uses magnetism and electrification to detect any metal object repeatedly.


Not only to find lost coins but today metal detectors are also used in almost all security areas. This technology is used especially in any airport, hospital, shopping malls, medical laboratory, etc. It is used correctly for any historical research. You can read 

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