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Night Vision glass, my Dad says if you eat more carrots increase your ability to see overnight. If everyone vowed to do this seriously, then the army, soldiers, and pilots did not think of going to a mission without a pocket-fill carrot. Night Vision glass (Gog). An electronic eye – which helps to show the dark it is much more powerful. An excellent night vision goggle gives the ability to watch up to 200 yards at night, with dark clouds, barely cloudy and light. So the question is, how does it work? Has any extraordinary technology use to work it out? Let’s learn the details. You may like scanning technology.

How are the animals see in the dark?


Humans are awake to work from day to day and sleep at night. There is an active screen on the back of our eye. It is retina. There is a kind of cell to see the colors light which is another type of cell call Rhodes, which is known to cones and dim light and the movement of objects. In our eyes, the number of Rhodes is more than 20 times higher than 1.2 million Rhodes and only 6 million acres. Still, we do not look very good at night.

Other animals are completely different. The animals that look very good at night, usually their eyes are huge in the pupil – so that more light can enter. Some of the animals have a big eye in comparison to the size of the body. There are much more rhodolites than the human eyes. For this reason, cats spend more time in the night for their victim. There is a tapetum in the eyes of many niggling people – it works like a mirror. That is, reflecting a light and sending it back to the eye. As a result, all those animals have twice the rate of radiation and help to look better. That’s why cats look very good in the darkness of the night and if you light the torch in animal eyes – that light can be seen to reflect like a mirror.

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But there is no such provision in our human eyes. The pupil of our eyes is somewhat significant, but black stars do not grow as big as night. We do not have enough roads in our eyes – there is no toppes in our eyes. So what can we do to see clearly in the dark? Can I eat carrots? But with the help of technology, we can get the power to watch at night. But how?

Night Vision glass

Vision glass

Before knowing how night vision technology or night vision glass work, you need to know better about “light.” Do you know, every type of light is not visible? Yes, this is entirely accurate. The light that we see in our eyes – it is called visible light – it is just a part of the whole electromagnetic spectrum of light. But there are other types of lighting, such as infrared light and ultraviolet light – which we do not ever see in the open eyes.

No place is dark, but it is not that there is no light. There are also some light-infrared lights, or ultraviolet light-which we can’t see by the ordinary empty eyes. Now imagine that you have been asked to create a glasses, using that can see at night, what would you do? Since the light rays come in front of the glasses, first you have to capture the light rays from there, then the force of light rays should be increase or boost in front of the lenses so that the eyes can see it.

How to boost?

But how do you capture or increase light? Binoculars, telescopes, or your eye glasses can only light up in a particular place, but can not light up in the light. Lighting brightness is easier than making glasses to reduce brightness than making drinks; Painted with something that can prevent light from the lenses of glasses, just as the sunglasses do.

But using electricity is easy, it is possible to boost anything quickly. In one type of electrical device, the electric current is flowing in small quantities at one end, and more than one powerful electric current is available; It is an amplifier. For example, when a person speaks Mike-his voice amplify by an electronic instrument call transistor (electric current flows by increasing the volume so that the volume can increase) and the volume is playing on the speaker, so that everyone can easily understand the person.

So this is the way through which it is possible to boost the brightness of the glasses. If we change the light in the electrification, by electrifying the electricity, then turning the electrified electricity into light, it is possible to get brighter light than before. It will reflect in the dark light of the night. It will also be visible in the dark.

How does night vision glass work?

 night vision glass work

Night vision glass can work in two technologies – but these techniques are entirely different from each other. Earlier I said, no place is dark, but it is not that there is no light there. There is light (invisible light), but we do not see it as normal. Night vision glass use image enhancement technology to disappear in the dark (e.g., infrared lamps), and they light up the light by lighting that light so that your eyes can see it. But sometimes the dark may be too much, as this technology can not work because there is not enough light. For example, if you are trying to see if someone is sticking in a building surrounded by a firefighter and a full smoke, then working on image enhancement technology, Knight Vision glass are unemployed like your eyes.

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Another alternative technology is the thermal imaging. The technology is much more useful than finding the dark light in the dark. By hearing the word “thermal,” this technology is associated with heat. Each hot object, along with some heat from the human body, emits in the form of infrared light. Now using Nightmare imaging technology, Night Vision Glass produces infrared light captures and an optical field emitted from that hot object. Thermal imaging technology is using when there is no searching for people in the dark. Most Knight Vision divisions work on image enhancement technology.

Night Vision Eyeglasses Why is everything green?

Surely, in the movie, the night vision glass are all seen on the green screen. But why? In fact, it is deliberately doing so. When the invisible light in the dark is captured and amplified, then it is necessary to turn all the light beams into electronic form. There is no automatic data color. Now maybe the question is, “Why not make black-and-white images?” Pictures taken from Night Vision glass or Night Vision cameras are intended to be green (green screen) because people’s eyes are more sensitive to green color. You can also look at the green pictures of white and black pictures.

Last word

So can you see in the dark? Yes, I would answer, “No,” But do not need to be sure, today you know that there is no darkness in the night, there is only a little light. And now you know the details of how we can see clearly from this small light.

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