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Operating System | What’s the Safest Mobile OS, Android, IOS or Windows

The computing device’s security is an important matter. From this blog, you have surely been aware of many operating system security practices. Today’s article is also about security but will try to look at the matter with a different view. Today, we will discuss the most secure mobile operating system. We keep the phone safe in many security systems, right? But let’s see how much security is friendly with our mobile itself. Suppose you are watching a sparkling mountain that iron does not come here, but if the hills of sparkling itself attract iron, how much you can save, can not you?

In this article, I will discuss three most popular mobile operating systems.
Windows Phone, and
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android operating system


First of all, talk about Android’s most popular mobile operating system. The operating system is as popular as it is, its security problem is so high. There are many issues with the problem, although the Android operating system by Google if your phone is Samsung or LG, its security responsibility is Samsung or LG. Suppose there was a security problem in the Android Lollipop and Google security patch released for fixing the problem, this patch will get Google Devices immediately, but Samsung will be responsible for the timing of updates to your Samsung phone.

As such, there was such a security problem with the Android operating system, and you could have your phone malware attack by sending a simple message to your phone. When a multimedia message arrives on your phone before you open it, the phone loads it from the network itself. Now if a hacker sets up MMS on your phone with malicious code, it will automatically run on your phone, and this method can be easily infected by any phone without any hassle.

Only Google Nexus Devices offer 100% guarantee that this security issue has fixed. But if you use the Android phone of other companies, you may still have this security problem on your phone.

Another thing is, Android is an open source operating system. That means that anyone can view and modify its source code. If a brilliant App Developer by many complex C programs or Java developer app and injected malicious code, which will spy user data and it’s hard to detect such apps. As a result, malicious code is now available from many popular apps in Play Store.

Android Google Play Store

operating system android

If you download apps from different sources without Google Play Store, then it is impossible to guarantee your security. Crack Apps, Side Load Apps may contain malicious code, even many fake banking apps that can hack your online account using Fake Login. And if you did not download your banking app from the Google Play Store, then your Android operating system can not do anything to protect its security.

The above facts are not as good as an Android user. However, Google provides regular updates to its devices and fixes various pans. So in my opinion Nexus, Pixel, The Perfect Divorce From Security. If you are using a different company’s device, install any update when available especially security updates as soon as you can. Remember, the Android operating system is your favorite OS, also favorite to scammers and hackers too.

Windows phone

windows phone operating system

To compare the above problems, Windows Phone is the ultimate security its security system is much tighter. But let’s focus on why making Windows Phone safe so securely.

The biggest reason is that the Windows Phone App Store is much more secure and without jailbreak your phone any app must be downloaded from the Windows Store. You can not install apps from any third party source. Only download the app from trusted sources. The operating system has no chance of getting infected by malware. Windows phone operating system uses Sandbox technology that is an app can not connect to any part of the other operating system, unless you give it permission. No apps will be able to start any system processes without notice. The app will not be able to do anything.

But this does not mean that the Windows Phone app can not have a vulnerability. However, Windows fixes the security patch by providing regular updates. Therefore, to ensure maximum security, you must keep the Windows Phone updated. You can also turn on automatic updates. Another good aspect of Windows Phone is its use Very few and fewer users, less likely to target that phone, and this is excellent for you. Windows phones provide you with security, and you do not have the antivirus program available for the entire Windows Store because there is no need for it.

Another unique feature of Windows Phone is Device Encryption. No one can access your data even after you lose your phone. If someone can not provide the correct encryption key, the data will never be able to decrypt. Can quickly start encryption.

iPhone IOS

iphone operating system

From the popularity, Apple’s iOS just after Android. It is impossible to unlock iOS, but it is wrong now. You have to remember that the FBI and Apple had a significant problem before cracking an iPhone security. You can read the article if you want to refuse to unlock their phone to the FBI. But after a hacker breaks the iPhone comfortably and takes $ 1.3 million. This fact proves that no security in the digital world can claim 100%, which is 100% safe.

There is an iOS App Store, from the Google Play Store, which keeps all the apps after checked. Earlier it was only thought that malware could infect jailbreak iPhone. But Malware is now available from some Chinese apps in the App Store. So you can say, as much as you thought, Apple is not aware of that security. But Apple is not open source like Android, it has closed source operating system and had sandbox technology. That means that an app can not access specific operating systems without your permission. Hacking the encryption is much more challenging, it can not hack quickly. Apple makes sure about strong security that your privacy, does not access any data without your permission.

Who is the best operating system?

operating system android

Every mobile operating system has some difficulty and some unique features. It is not possible to declare directly as a winner. If you do not download the app without the Play Store and keep the phone up to date regularly. Then Android will work safely. With the rise in popularity of Windows Phone, its hack attack may increase.
But if you are currently looking at it is the safest operating system. IOS can make you safe without using jailbreak and receive regular updates. As such, Apple is very conscious about their app store so that they can be trusted.


At Least

Hope you enjoy the article today, you learn a lot about different mobile phone operating systems. So if you believe in any mobile operating system and why, share your opinion with your comment below. And receiving regular updates.

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