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Phone Overheating | Why smartphone become too hot? | Is it normal? | TechBuf

Nowadays, almost all phones Android, Apple and Windows Phone or cheap and expensive budget phone, There is a problem phone overheating. Those devices became too hot. If there is such an issue with your phone, this post is for you. Today I will discuss a few things, such as why the smart phone overheating? Is this normal to be phone overheating? And how to protect your smartphone from overheating? You may also like What is Quick Charging Technology? | Smartphone battery will charge in 15 minutes.

Why phone Overheating? Reason for smartphone overheating

If I talk about heating, it is important to say that every electronic device or machine became hot. For example, your car, computer, etc. will not prevent anything from heating. Keep the coolness of the car we use water, use a fan to maintain the computer cool and there is a HeatSheild inside it. It is normal to say that the smartphone is an electronic device because it becomes hot. I’ll open all of you. Let’s know the reasons for why smart phone overheating.


The first thing that is responsible for phone overheating is the smartphone is the processor. The processor is the main body of your phone. That’s what works on your phone. You use the phone or not, but processor always keeps working and doing its job. These processors made with the semiconductor material. And it has many small electrons in it. When the processor works on it, these electrons run from one place to another. And during this run, electrons create conflicts between themselves and produce heat. That means to complete more work your processors produce more heat. If you work less, like just talking by phone, or listening to music, your phone will be less hot. But think you are playing games and downloading files from the Internet together.

Usually, your phone’s processor will have to work more, and that will make your smart phone overheating. Nowadays smartphones are getting slim. The heat produced by the processor can not be release because your phone is slick. Your phone’s processor stays with the phone body, which is why it feels phone overheating.

Extreme Load:

Your phone will be faster and hotter when loading too much load. Regular work such as talking on the phone, SMS sending or listening music, your phone will be less hot. But when you do a lot of work together or doing a significant work, your phone will agree with a lot of loads and the smartphone will be very hot.


Smartphones are running smoothly. But there is not a major improvement in battery technology. The phone became thin, and the instruments do not have much distance between each other. The battery is less hot during charging or discharge. And because the instruments do not have too much distance between each other, these cells spread all over the hot, and then your smartphone becomes very phone overheating.

Ambient temperature:

Ambient temperature is the another big reason for excessive heating of smartphones. The temperature of some location in summer is up to 35-45 degrees Celsius. In this environment, you are sitting at home, but the temperature around you is 35-36 degrees Celsius. If you use a smartphone at this temperature, then it will become phone overheating.

Weak network signal:

Think you are in a place where the network signal is feeble. Or your WiFi signal is coming to your smartphone in a lot of trouble. In this situation, your smartphone costs more. To get the signal from a weak network, your phone uses more power in the antenna, so that the phone can hold good signal. The smartphone processor has to work a lot. And after that the smartphone became phone overheating.

How much phone overheating normal and how is unusual

How much overheating normal and how is unusual

Now let’s talk about the normal and unusual warmth of the smartphone. Your smartphone can be up to 35-47 degrees Celsius while working in normal conditions. And believe it is not just about your phone and it’s not right that your phone is less expensive so became hot. But Samsung, Apple, and all phones become phone overheating.

But, if you notice that your phone is always hot about 35-47 degrees Celsius. Even when your phone is in standby mode, your phone may have been a problem.

What can be the problem if the smart phone is phone overheating?

Decrease performance:

Having too much hot your smartphone can reduce your phone’s performance. Smartphone processors design in such a way that it reduces the work if it gets too hot so that it can be cool. And for reducing the processor’s work automatically, your smartphone’s performance may decrease.

How to protect the smartphone from being phone overheating?

How to protect the smartphone from being too hot

It’s not the case that you can not work more or play games on your smartphone. Keep your phone’s software up to date(Update) if you want to save your smartphone from excessive heat. Many times it is worth keeping the phone’s software and hardware competitiveness. Regularly check that which apps take more space in the background. Identify those apps and temporarily shut them down.


Hope you enjoy this post. If you have any reason for overheating or more idea about how to keep the smartphone from being too hot, you can tell me by the comment. Do not forget to share the post if you like it.

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