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Friends, do you know how many types of sensors are fitting with your phone sensor, and what each of them has to do. If you are not sure, read this post carefully, you will know about all types of sensors.

Phone Sensor: Accelerometer


The first thing is to say about the accelerometer, which is fitting on almost all smartphones. Now what the accelerometer works, this sensor tells the software about how you retain your phone. For example, when your phone’s auto rotate option is turn-on, and you see a photo, the phone naturally stakes, and the photo is also visible, but when you take the phone to landscape it also becomes a landscape. Likewise, there are some phone features such as when the call comes in your phone if your phone overturns the phone will become silent. If you are inverted, then the power saving will go to the mood. The accelerometer works for all these things and tells your phone’s software how you hold the phone and your phone works in that way.

Phone Sensor: Gyroscope


Another sensor on your phone is called gyro or gyroscope. What does this gyroscope work? It’s a type of accelerometer. But a lot of enhanced accelerometer. With the help of gyroscope, your phone receives the perfect information, how exactly you are holding your phone by ringing angle or angle. Google has an app called Photoshopper, where take 360-degree photos. When you capture 360-degree photos using this app, your phone captures different photos in the different angle. In this situation, with the help of gyroscope, the camera can know how many photos captured in angle. And according to that calculation, your phone software converts these pictures into a full 360-degree photo. Again in some games, it is possible to complete the tasks in the game by moving the phone to a different angle.

Just like if you make the phone landscape and keep it back in front, there will be a task. If you have to tilt down, there will be another task if you rotate around. Also, there will be another task. These works completely with the help of gyroscope.

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Phone Sensor: Magnetometer


The third sensor is called magnetometer. This sensor works as a compass on your phone. If you do not have a magnetometer on your phone, you can not see the instructions on the map or in the map of different compartments. Some apps work as a metal detector with this sensor. Since this sensor is a magnet, this sensor can detect if you bring any metal material to your phone. And with this help, many types of apps work.

Phone Sensor: Proximity sensor

Proximity sensor

Let’s talk about Proximity Sensor. This sensor has o on your phone. Available in front of your phone’s front camera or the speakers around the top. This sensor works to measure your distance from your phone’s screen. Your phone’s screen lights are turn-off when you are on a call and keeping your phone in the ear. There are two advantages in this. One is to save your battery life and secondly when you have a phone call in your ear, then the screen lights are turned off for the look of your face, the call can not disconnect or does not hold and any other option not open.
You will also see 3 to 4 proximity sensors attached to the Motorola phone. When your phone swings from the top of the phone, your phone screen will be turned on, you will see notification there. Again many such applications use various proximity sensors to complete various tasks. Such as receiving a call from the phone, blowing the hand over the phone and lifting the cell face at hand.

Proximity sensor usually kicks off an infrared light and then determines whether the light comes back to the sensor or how it comes back or how far or near you, it is by phone or anything.

Phone Sensor: Light Sensor

Light Sensor

Now let’s talk about the light sensor. This sensor locates near the Proximity Sensor. This sensor works to fix your phone’s brightness automatic. When you hold your phone normally in hand, the light sensor provides information to the phone’s software by measuring the magnitude of the broad light around you. According to that information, your phone screen is less visible or more. Imagine that you are standing around, and many sunshine around you, in this situation this sensor will increase the light of your screen so that you can look well. Again, if you use your phone in the dark at night, this will reduce the light of your phone’s screen so that you do not have over light and you can get a good night’s mode.

Phone Sensor: Barometer


Some of the phones have sensors whose name is Barometer. The barometer is used to measure atmospheric pressure. With this sensor, you will know how much height you are from the sea level. This sensor mainly has two functions. One, if your phone has a barometer, it helps GPS and can make your location more accurate. Secondly, some health-related apps measure the height of your mountain height, or how long you have raised in height, etc. You can learn about by Barometer.

Phone Sensor: Thermometer


Friends, there is nothing to be surprised, some phones have a thermometer fitted. Although, the thermometer is providing almost on all phones. But the thermometer is fitting to measure the internal temperature of your phone. Just like the temperature of your battery or CPU and also the temperature of the other parts of your phone. So that sometimes the temperature of the phone may increase and slow down the performance of the phone to an accurate temperature.

But some phones also have an external thermometer. By which you can measure the temperature around you or the outside. Such as the Samsung Galaxy S4 or the Galaxy S5 thermometer sensor.

Air Humidity Sensor

Air Humidity Sensor

What is the air humidity sensor? It was also on some Samsung phones. This sensor can tell you the environment around you and inform you that this weather is useful for your health or not.



Now let’s talk about the pedometer. The pedometer can not have on all phones, in some phones, have a pedometer. It is the another improve version of the accelerometer. Through it, you can determine how much you have walked on the whole day. You can do this with the help of accelerometer, but it will not be correct. If you have a special pedometer sensor on your phone, it is possible to calculate your walking accurately; you will not need to use any apps.

Fingerprint sensor

Fingerprint sensor

Now let’s talk about an essential sensor called fingerprint sensor. This sensor has on many phones, and day-to-day usage of this sensor becomes popular. It gives you options to lock or unlock your phone using your fingerprint. Apart from using fingerprint, there are several options to paste and provide online payment options. And in the future increase the use of fingerprint sensor.

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Radiation Sensor

Radiation Sensor

Another sensor, whose name is the radiation sensor. It is only available on some phones. It only has on some Japanese phones. With this sensor, you can find out how much harmful radiation exists in the environment around you. For example, there are many types of radioactive devices in your home such as your cell phone signal, WiFi signal, microwave, etc. This sensor measures the radiation levels and can tell you how much it can be harmful to you. Although it is currently only on a few phones future, it will be available on many phones.

Heart Rate Sensor and Blood Oxygen Sensor

Heart Rate Sensor

Lastly, talk about heart rate sensors and blood oxygen sensors. These sensors are available in two Samsung Galaxy’s and Note series phones. This sensor allows you to measure your heart rate and oxygen levels in your blood. Future more Phones will be available with this sensor.

The last word Phone sensor

Hopefully, you know about many types of sensors and their work in mobile phones. If you find out more about any sensor, then you can Comment about it. If you like the post, share it.

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