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Friends, whenever we go to discuss different between two smartphones, an important term comes in front of us. That’s PPI Pixel Per Inch. In this post I will go to discuss more important information about PPI, how much more or less should it be. So let’s jump in the discussion. You can also read what is touch screen technology.



The full name of the PPI is Pixels Per Inches. Before knowing what the pixels per inches are, we need to know what is a pixel. Any device screen such as your phone, laptop or tablet, made using a small separate device. And these little parts are called pixels. Your phone screen has a long and flat surface with millions of pixels fitted. And a pixel is the smallest component that can display any color automatically. In a pixel, there are three small pixels that we call subpixels. These three little pixels have three different colors light (red, green and blue).

Although you have three color units in pixels, it is possible to make any color through this three-color unit. Think you need to show the only blue color that red and green color will zero and see only blue color. These units are so small and when close any light that you can not understand.

A different color is displayed on your screen using the color mixing technique. The number of pixels on display and the number of pixels that are close to each other, the image will be sharper on the screen, and more information will be displayed. Do you remember the old Nokia phone? If there were any text written on the screen of those phones, it looks like that the small four corners text written with a dot. But today’s modern smartphone, which we use as Flute Multimedia, can not work with few pixels. If there have few pixels, then the video and photos will display with the four corners dot. That’s why the screen currently has more pixels, and we see the better quality.

Pixel and Screen Size


Not just pixels, there are a lot of things that can depend such as the screen size of the phone, Suppose your phone’s screen size is 4 inches. If in this 4-inch screen size is setup with a 4K display, then it will not be excellent. There may drain your phone’s battery faster. Because the 4-inch screen size is not so big that it will pile up so many pixels, and your image quality will improve. The human eye does not have the ability to investigate any quality after a certain quality. If you have a QHD and a 4K display phone that you will not able to understand the quality differences from a normal distance by your eyes. The pixel density depends on the screen size of your phone and the distance from you are viewing the screen.

What is PPI – Pixels Per Inches

Pixel and Screen Size

Friends we know about pixels. Now let’s talk about what is the PPI “pixels per inch.” Let’s find out how pixels are measured inches about how they are. Suppose your phone’s screen resolution is full HD (1080p) Full HD or 1080p means 1920×1080 pixels. Your phone screen has 1920 pixels tall and has 1080 pixels in flat. All pixels can compete together at 1920×1080 = 2 about million pixels.

Now talk about pixels density. Suppose your phone’s screen size is 5.5 inches. You must know that inches always. Then your phone screen will be 5.5 from the upper right corner of the bottom left corner or from the top left corner to the bottom right corner.

Imagine a line along the edge of your screen. Then there will be two triangles. Now you have read the Pythagoras formula at school that, if you know the measurement of two aspects of any triangle, then it is possible to mimic the other dimension easily. If the digit is calculate (1080×1080) + (1920×2020) square root and the result will be 2220.907. Now if this result is divided by 5.5, then the result will be 400.52. And this is the pixel of your phone screen.

So we always heard that 5.5 inch HD screen has 401 pixels inches or PPI. If your phone has 350 to 400 PPI, then it’s better.

The last word

Friends hope you like this post. After this, when you buy a new phone, then be aware of this. Do not read the reviews of those reviewers who say that all display is underneath the QHD display; then the 4K display is different. But you know that it will be only a specification after a limited, but there will be no difference between by your eyes. There is no need to be mad by hearing that there is a 4K display on such a phone. It’s only the latest, but it’s not best. A standard 4.5-inch HD screen will also look great to you. If you have any questions about this, please Comment below and don’t forget to share the post. You may also like mac vs windows PC. Thank you

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