Privacy Policy

Different posts, comments or comments reply on this blog recommend various products, apps or websites. Each reviewed product, apps or website use solely on your own charge or own choices. TechBuf will not be held responsible for any kind of loss/product destruction/apps that do not work.

Any personal information you have entered on this blog such as your name, email or website is protected here. Your information isn’t used in any other marketing company or any online marketing. Your email is used only for giving notification about the new post.

TechBuf will never ask to add your credit card information to a form.

TechBuf does not provide any security for any external link located on this blog, you can access the external links on your own responsibility. Be careful before entering any information there.

Articles published in TechBuf are written from various sources, sometimes it can be directly related to the source (Meaning). If the original content is yours and you do not want to be published here, please contact the appropriate evidence.

Any questions about TechBuf privacy and policies, please email

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