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What is quick charging Technology? | Misconceptions about quick charging

You’ve surely heard about quick charging or fast charging. Many guys already bought a quick charger. In this post, I will discuss quick charging technology.

At first, I want to say. There are no differences between the companies that make and sell the Quick Charger, Fast Charger or Turbo Charger. That means Samsung or any other company use the same technology in their Quick Charger Technology. Think you’re using Samsung’s phone. For any reason your charger was damaged, then you would not have to buy Samsung’s charger. You can buy any charger corresponding with your phone and battery power. There will be no problem with your phone or phone battery.

What are the quick charging technology and its evolution?

What is the quick charging

Five or six year’s ago from now, we can see that the battery power used in the mobile phone at that time was very low. Battery power was very little; there was no problem during battery charging time. We did not use our phone so much. We were happy and satisfied with the global charging technology.

But now more people using the phone and increased phone using time. Many powerful application and tools are using in our mobile phones, and a long time we are using mobile phones. Powerful batteries are used. But the problem is that the charging time is still the same as before.

Qualcomm’s Technology

To overcome this issue, Qualcomm discovered “Quick Charge 1.0” technology. In this technology charging, IC accepts more power and helps to charge the battery faster. With a quick charge of 1.0, technology a 3,000 mAh battery could be charged up to 30% in 30 minutes. After it, Qualcomm updates this technology to “Quick Charge 2.0”. This technology came with Qualcomm’s new processor. This technology was possible to charge up to 50% to 60% of a 3,000 mAh battery in 30 minutes.

Now let’s talk about the latest Qualcomm “Quick Charge 3.0” technology. A regular charger that the charger we used before, the output we got was 5 volts x 1 ampere = 5 watts. Then when the Quick Charge 1.0 technology came, the output was 5 volts x 2 ampere = 10 watts. But the Quick Charge 2.0 technology was not getting specific output. Quick charge 2.0 technology output depends on the current battery level. 2.0 technology output is 5 volt x 2 ampere = 10 watts and 9 volts x 2 ampere = 18 watts or 12 volts x 1.67 ampere = 18 watts. The maximum output is available at 18 watts and the lowest 10 watts. And these outputs are changed based on the battery level.

The battery of any smartphone can’t charge in the same way from 0% to 100%. You might notice that your phone is charging faster in the beginning, but after charging 50% or more, the charging speed decreases.

Qualcomm’s Quick Charge

When your phone starts charging, the battery is free, because it is empty. But when charging, the battery needs to receive less power. After 90% of the battery charging reduces change speed. “Quick charge 2.0” was charging according to the needs of the battery. Charger supply 18-watt charge from 0% to 50%, because the battery receives more power then after 50% supply 10-watt power because the battery will receive less power. So, depending on the power of this battery, the “quick charge 2.0” does less to get its output.

Now Qualcomm can charge by its latest technology “Quick Charge 3.0” from 3.6 volts to 12 volts increment by 200 MW volts. “Quick Charge 2.0” just increased 5 to 9 volts, and then 12 volts. That means, charging power was reduced from 9 volts to 12 volts and from 9 volts directly to 5 volts. There was no intermediate voltage such as 6,7 or 8 volts. But the Quick Charge 3.0 will be gradually increased gradually by increasing 200 MW of output from 3.6 volts to 12 volts. It does not fall from 12 volts to 9 volts. The voltage will be less often as per the need of the battery.

Quick charging technology charges by “Quick Charge 3.0” the needs of the battery, you see a decorative order of battery charging, the battery charge quickly. “Quick Charge 3.0” will be available with Qualcomm’s new processors such as 430, 617, 618, 620 and 820. Moreover, Qualcomm is also giving license to different companies. For example, Samsung Galaxy Note 5 uses Qualcomm’s “Quick Charge 3.0” technology. But the Exx’s processor has been used in Note 5.

Quick Charger

Quick Charger

If you talk about a quick charger that in the current market there are many quick chargers available to buy. Many 3rd party companies make quick chargers. And Qualcomm has certified that “These Quick Chargers are standard and perfect with Quick Charge 3.0 technology”. If you want to buy a quick charger for your phone, then it is not necessarily necessary purchase a charger from your phone’s brand. You can take advantage of quick charging technology using any quick charger. But I would recommend you to buy Qualcomm certified Quick Charger. If the charger, not Qualcomm confirmed, then the company’s charger never buy. You may like Top Ten Computers Misconception | Stop Believing Now!

Some misconceptions about quick charging technology

misconceptions about quick charging

There are many misconceptions about fast charging technology, so let’s try to know about the wrong ideas.

Many people think using a quick charger will damage the battery. It is a wrong idea. Fast Charger will never force your phone to charge faster. It will charge according to the label of the battery. Not that the battery will blast due to the charge being faster.

Many people think that if they buy a quick charger, the phone will start charging fast. If you have quick charging technology on your phone, then you can fast charge through Quick Charger. And if you do not have it, you will not get any benefits of Quick Charger.

Many people think that my phone supports quick charging technology, so using slow charging will cause battery problems. This is not right. You can use any standard charger. Or you can charge using your laptop. It will not make any problem with your battery.

Smartphone battery fully charged in 15 minutes

Smartphone battery fully charged​ in 15 minutes

Hope already you Know a lot about quick charging. Everything is alright on our phone, but we do not get good battery life. For this reason, we want to charge our phones as soon as possible. At first, I honestly make it clear that I am not going to say any trick here which will help to charge your current phone in 15 minutes. I’m now going to describe the new technology which is more advanced than “Quick Charge 3.0, “. And your phone will be charged in 15 minutes.

Now the smartphone battery will charge in 15 minutes. In the last 2-3 years, there are a lot of competition among mobile-based companies about quick charging technology. Every time the new Quick Charging technology is invented by various companies, and they bring them in the market by different ways. Oppo (OPPO), a mobile developer company, came in with a technology called VOOC in 2014. Oppo’s technology It was possible to charge a 3,000 mAh battery 70% -75% in the 30 minutes by VOOC technology. After all, as many as phones release on the market, almost all the phones were seen using the VOOC technology.

Talk about quick charging technology, Qualcomm’s Quick Charge 1.0, Quick Charge 2.0, and Quick Charge 3.0. Quick Charge 3.0 is Qualcomm’s latest technology. I already discuss details about this. The company (Oppo) has released a new version of charging technology called Super VOOC. Which can charge a 2500 mAh battery in 15 minutes?. Oppo says that if you charge your phone for only 5 minutes, then it will charge 45%.

VOOC technology

Now you know how quick charging technology works? That is, if you look at Qualcomm’s technology, you can see that this technology is getting several outputs. Sometimes 5 volts or sometimes 9 volts. But the super VOOC technology used the entire aliasing concept. The super VOOC technology will not be less voltage. It only works with 5 volts. To work only at 5 volts, it does not have to be hard. And with this superstition technology, they have been able to detect the battery charging method with this constant voltage quickly.

This year, Oppo’s new phones come with super VOOC technology. It’s an excellent technology. Can you imagine, the smartphone battery will charge in just 15 minutes? Some ideas on this technology need to understand clearly. Let’s discuss.

  • First of all, there will be no damage risk to the battery even if it fully charges at 15 minutes. It is the most secure technology.
  • Second, the battery became little warm in quick charging technology, but the battery will not be warm even after 15 minutes of super VOOC technology. The battery may be only 3.3% hot. That means, if your phone is 40 degrees Celsius to charge for quick charging technology, then Super VOOC technology can be 43 degrees Celsius. It is normal.
  • Thirdly, you can use your phone while charging. It will not be a problem.

Oppo says that for this technology, five different devices will be installed on the phone separately. Special fuse will fit inside the phone, and the fuse and stabilizer will be provided inside the charger so that your phone is always safe. You can give maximum performance.


The smart VOOC that will use in smartphones will have chargers and an individual cable attached. Smartphone connectors that have Micro-USB and USB-C type will be of military grade. It allows the connector to get more power and temperature tolerance.

This technology is entirely new. A 2500 mAh battery charge in 15 minutes is impressive. Looking at the smartphone world, it is also possible to see other components very well developed but battery technology not developed. Now we use 4GB RAM or 20 megapixels camera phones, but battery technology is using same like before. Currently, battery power is packing with other parts by reducing battery charging and increasing battery power.

Last word

So, friends, this was today’s discussion. Hopefully, you have learned a lot. I will always try to discuss new technology. Do not forget to share this post. Please visit this site regularly, because I publish at least one post every day. There are many posts have here you may like. If you have time, you can read Phone Overheating | Why smartphone become too hot?. Hope the time will not be in vain.

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