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What is Iris scanning technology, how it works, what are the advantages of this technology? In this post, I will discuss those issue, and try to let you know about how safe and fast the Irish scans are over the fingerprint technology. Three things exist in every person, and everyone is different. The first is the fingerprint, secondly our DNA and thirdly the pattern of our iris. For general needs we use fingerprint technology, we have been using a lot for biometric access. Use DNA in the works of forensic science. It is a lot of complexity, so we do not regularly use DNA to identify the identity. Now talk about Iris scanning. In general electronics products, we can easily use any one of the scans of Iris scanning or fingerprint or can use both together. You may like Camera, Lens, Sensor, Aperture, OIS, Focus, Image Processing.

How Iris Scanning Technology Works?Fingerprint technology is easy to use, and we are using this technology for a long time. We use this technology to make it much cheaper and will use it in the future. If you talk about Iris scanning, it is still not so common. You will see its use in some selected places. But this technology is much safer than Finger Print technology, much faster and efficient. Within a few years, this technology will become very useful for almost all smartphones.

Iris Scanning Technology

Now let’s see how this technology works. We have a pattern in our eyes, which means that we distinguish blue eyes or black eyes, we call it Iris. Iris is probably known as an eye girl. Every person’s iris pattern is different. From the age of 2 years before the death of humans, this Iris pattern remains unchanged. Iris scanning technology works much secure than fingerprint technology. When you scan fingerprint once and rescan for the second access, you get access after a match with the previous scan fingerprint.

Fingerprint scanner does not remember your full finger in fingerprint scan. It remembers 40-45 points from your fingerprint. If you look at your fingerprints, you can see there are a lot of lines inside it. These lines have rounded somewhere, and there is a branch from branch to branch. Fingerprint scanner remembers these special branches. And during the scan, it provides access to verifying points.

Scanning Technology

But the user is given access after matching about 240-250 points in the Iris scanner. That means it gives about 4-5 times more points than Fingerprint then provides access. As long as all points do not match correctly, they will not provide access. Now let’s talk about how this technology works. The Iris scanner equipped with an infrared camera and a standard camera. And these two cameras make many high-results photos of eye iris. After taking photos, scanners collect some valuable information from Iris. After receiving 250 points from Iris and changing this information into an encrypted code.

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For example, suppose I scanned with an Iris Scanner, that resulted in a modification of the points of my Iris into a code, that the code is “1001110010101101”. Now when I scan Iris for access, the scanner will note the points of my eyes first and then it will change to a code and finally match the code “1001110010101101”. I will be given access if the scanned code matches. It is the type of work of Iris scanning technology.

Iris Scanning Technology vs. Finger Print Scanning Technology

Iris Scanning Technology vs. Finger Print Scanning

Iris scanning technology has many modern technologies to authenticate users. There is much more benefit than fingerprint scanning technology, and this technology is much safer. Ruining its safety system is impossible. Let’s see some of the advantages of Iris Scanning technology.

Finger Print Scanning

  • We know that our fingerprints locate outside our skin. While working many times, the fingerprints may break, or the finger may cut. Fingerprint scanners may fail to scan your finger at times due to these problems. You can get in trouble, But with Iris scanning technology you will never have this issue. Because eye iris is in the eye, it is impossible to spot or cut Iris. And you do not have to touch the scanner. You can safely scan without touching anything, and it’s quite a healthy process.

Iris Scanning

  • Bypass Iris Scanning is much harder than a fingerprint. It is possible to bypass the fingerprint scanner by making fingerprints or making flexible fingers. Iris scanning scans eyes, so it is not possible to make fake eyes or take eyes away. For bypassing the iris, take an eye-high-res photo in front of the scanner. But the current scanners will also check for your living. When scanning your eyes, the eyes need to bling. And the scanner can easily understand that it is the real eye or eye image.
  • Since this technology can work far enough, it is the fastest one technology. Think of it that many people need to scan at one place. Iris scanning is more suitable than the fingerprint. Because of no need to touch the scanner. It will work in front of the scanner. For example, say “UAE.” There is a limit to each C-Port for scan eye of each border. When everyone enters “UAE,” then everyone’s eyes are scanned. If there is a problem later, think of an attack, then it can be easily identified by this information. Moreover, iris scanning used in many police cases.

Iris scanning technology in smartphone

Iris scanning technology in smartphone

Now let’s know about the use of Iris scanning technology in smartphones. Is smartphone able to use this technology? If possible, on which smartphone have this technology? Let’s know everything. Fingerprint scanning technology in a smartphone is standard. iPhone 5s was the first best Finger Print Scanner. Before that, there were Finger Print Scanners in Motorola phones. But after the iPhone 5S, almost all high-quality smartphones have fingerprint scanners. Now, this technology has in many cheap phones.

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But Iris Scanning will not be in all smartphones because it’s an advanced and unique technology. Fujitsu had a smartphone called “Fujitsu Aero” which have this technology. Moreover, this feature was available in Microsoft Lumia 950 and 950 Excel. Which is known as Windows Hello? This feature also available on Surface Tablet. Moreover, many Chinese phone companies insist that their phones have Iris scanners. But their phones do not have Iris scanners. The only have retina scanner. This scanner will only take pictures of your eyes, and work by matching those pictures. No encrypted code is generating here. It works like a lot of face detection. It’s not an Iris Scanner. When this technology available in many smartphones. I can say for sure that this technology will be able to capture the space of fingerprint sensor.

Last word

Those were the detail about Iris Scanning Technology. I hope you learn a lot about this technology. So share the post with your friends. Visit this site every day because there are some tech surprises every day for you. Please share your thinking about iris scanning by Comments. I like to know what you think. you can read about top ten computer misconception.

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