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It is hard to find people who use the Internet but haven’t any Facebook I’d.
But the maximum people don’t know about special tips Facebook Messenger some unique features. Today I’m talking Special tips Facebook Messenger four tips. You may also like What is the internet service | How does the Internet service work?

1. Vote system in group chat

special tips Facebook Messenger
Many times we face problem to take a correct decision about some matters. Now you can create a voting system to make the right decision for your case. You can choose this option for know the decision about such as meeting, visit any place or which movie is more romantic by your friends vote in group chat. For create this voting option open group chat and go More and click in polls tab. Now write the possible answers for your matter, automatically the voting options will be sent to your friends. You can show which member is supported what option.

2. Special tips Facebook Messenger: Send message privately

special tips Facebook Messenger


Encryption is the best secure way to send a message privately. If you want your message will never see by another person that you can use this method. By using this process, you can set two devices for the chat, and nobody knows about that if someone is log in this Facebook account. Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp have this end-to-end encryption message methods for their users. Facebook is telling that if you use this method hacker will never track and read your message. For open this option goes me the icon in Messenger and now click in deep conversation. Your friends will get notifications in the Messenger to contact in this deep conversation. You can set a time for your messages such as 5 second or 30 seconds, once the time is over from when the message is seen, it will automatically delete. Special tips Facebook Messenger

3. Special tips Facebook Messenger: Playing Games

Is football your favorite game? Want to play football games with friends? Now have a great way in Messenger to play games. For game open IMO from the keyboard and find ball icon and send to a friend. Now tap the ball icon and hold it to the blank image, your friend will show this ball and can join to play games by tapping ball icon and hang on Messenger space. Many people already played candy crush game in Messenger. Also, they can play the chess game in Messenger. For play, this chess game opens chat and write the @fbchess play. Special tips Facebook Messenger

Now you will show a board for playing chess, and you will start playing by next step. For control this game you net to use A to H for simple moves and 1 to 8 for up-down moves. If you type @fbchess pe4 that pawn will move to e4. Absorbing to play this game. special tips Facebook Messenger

4. Special tips Facebook Messenger: Set an Event Reminder

Now you can set an Event Reminder, and it’s very helpful for us. You and your friend both get alert about Event previous day and always show a menu in chat about the game time and you can choose a name for this event. Your friend can respond to going this event. You can create this event reminder in group chat.
Thanks for reading this special tips Facebook Messenger.

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