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The touch screen technology is a technology that can be seen on almost all device today. Your smartphone, tablet or smartwatch, without this technology, we can not imagine smart divisions. Imagine a new smartphone comes in the market, it has 10 GB RAM, 500 GB memory, and a 50-megapixel camera. But the phone does not have a touchscreen. Now honestly tell me, would you buy the phone? I know the Answer. Anyway, in this post, I’m going to discuss details about touch screen technology. What is this technology, what was this technology in the past and how it is present, how it might improve in the future?

Let’s know about the type of this touch screen technology. The number of touch screens that you may use that maybe the capacitive touchscreen or the resistive touchscreen. There are also many other types of touch screen technology. But in this post, I will discuss only the capacitive and resistive touchscreen. You may like what is GPS Navigation?

Resistive touch screen technology

Resistive touch screen

In the previous years, we used the Resistive Touch screen. It’s old technology, and the old phones such as Nokia, Sony, HTC, etc. use this technology. With the previous touch screen phones, you may see that there was a long stick, and it was had to work with it. This technology was a harassment of using mobile phones. When the touchscreen feature came to the market, many people say it just an annoying technology; the button phone was much better. They would say exactly. Because in this time touch screen facility was so bad, always need the stick to use the touch screen. Sometimes it works and sometimes may not work. Need to wait one second after touching the screen to work.

There are two layers on the resistive Touch screen. One is the transparent layer, and another is Conductive Layer. There is another layer on this Conductive layer, which is Normal Layer. Small spaces between the conductive layers and the normal layer. When you touch the screen by any object, these two layers come and contact with each other. The point that communication together will identify by a kind of resistance. The four corners of the screen have resistive touch screen recognizer which exactly recognizes part of the touch point. Then software determined and decided what needs to do.

Resistive old Technology

The resistant touch screen technology is an old technology, and it lost more power. So this touch screen technology is not particular, it can not work fast. A lot of pressure need to work, and this screen collaborates with the pressure of any object. For this reason, this technology is not used in modern smartphones. But in ATM still using this touch screen technology. People come and touch the ATM. Sometimes people use a pen or by socks in the winter season to touch the ATM. And this screen requires only one object to work correctly, any object that you want can use. Resistant Touch screen works in summer winter and all seasons, not any problem for nature. ATMs do not require much of a special touch. There are many big icons available, and you can work correctly without touching the screen.

Capacitive touch screen technology

Capacitive touch screen

This touch screen technology is different. The human body works like a battery. We can feel a charge by touching any object, and we can also send a charge to the object. Human Body Charge Superior. A layer of the capacitive touch screen is also a type of conductive layer. So when touching on the touch screen, its layer’s capacitance get changes, and the screen realizes that the point is touching exactly. In the same way, the menu option works with the software, and you can see. This technology is a very advanced technology, and it’s easy to use. It works very fast.

But there is a problem with the capacitive touch screen that it only works with the touch by hands. Because it is working by charges. Nowadays there are many new capacitive touch screens in the market, which are more sensitive. You can also touch using gulps. But the capacitive touch screen can not work by the touch of any object. The capacitive touch screen is good for smartphones, tablets or other computing devices. But the resistive touchscreen is good for public divisions. Because you do not know what people would touch using.

The future of touch screen technology

future of touch screen

This was the resistive and capacitive touch screen technology. Future we can see various types of touchscreen technology, there will be a variety of advanced features. The touch screen technology that comes in the future can be much different from today’s touch screen. It may be that you are viewing a soft object’s photo on the screen and you feel soft yourself, or even feeling a bit harder to touch a stone’s photo. There may be some technology where you can touch the screen that works on the air through the ultrasonic waves. Which we saw in Iron Man and X-Men Movie

It is true that we can see the touch screen of many advanced technologies shortly. Many big companies have been researching new touch screen technology for many years. May be able to get that technology in the next 5-6 years. The kind of technology that we have seen in Hollywood today or which was just a science fixture could come in the future. But to see what technology will come, in particular, need to wait for 5-6 years.

The last word

Hope you enjoyed this post. In my posts, I do not take technical issue hardly. Try to explain the technology wit simple language with practical examples so that everyone can understand easily. Do not forget to share the post if you like it. You must know Share means to care.

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