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People are gradually going to becoming online dependent so Two-Factor Authentication is important. Everything on our livelihood has become online dependent, bank accounts, e-commerce site accounts (shopping), and in this case security is becoming very important. What do you do to keep your online accounts safe? The long and complicated password saved in the account? And this password is only in your brain? Believe it or not, your account password maybe hacked anytime. Make your accounts secure; the two-factor authentication system will be perfect, which is a type of lock, whose code changes frequently. I have written a lot of posts about cyber security, in almost every post I’ve mentioned this term. In this article, you will know everything in Details. You may also like what is machine learning.

Why just password, not strong security?

We use the password to access almost all of the accounts we have in online. In an account, we entered the username and password and got access to that account. This method is known as One-Factor Authentication because you only need one thing to access this system. Nowadays online services grow and also grow online accounts; it is also normal. But it is challenging to remember the different password of different accounts.

  • Many people use one password for all their accounts; many choose a simple password to remember (using their multi-name, parent name, etc.) which are easy to guess.
    If you have access to an online account using cyber cafe or college public computers, then the scope of getting your account hack increases.
  • Hackers can install malware on your computer so that they can steal all your password.
    By installing a keylogger, a hacker can see what you are typing on the computer.
  • Although your password is strong and lengthy,  it can hack easily, you can not understand, your password was stolen.
  • By hacking your WiFi network, a hacker can know what site you use, and your password can reach to the hacker before reaching your password on the site, it is a man-in-the-middle attack.
  • By attacking a brute force, the computer will assume your password repeatedly, and if it gets the right password, your account will be quickly login.

That’s why bank account services are not just working with passwords, they require answers to your security questions, or need to share your date of birth or separate confidential details. But even then one-factor authentication or just username and password is never an enough security system.

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Two-factor authentication

Two-factor authentication

If you need to keep an ark (high amount of money) in safe, what do you do? Of course not only depend on the lock of the ark, is not it? You may place the ark in a protected room and lock it in the room too, a security guard placed outside the room. If a person needs to take money from the ark, he must first introduce himself to the security guard, then he must have a key to that room, and at the end, only the person can reach the money if he has the key of the ark.

Such multilevel security systems in the online world are called Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) and also known as Two-Step Verification. To access the computer system, you have to cross many security steps.

But most of the today’s Secure System provides protection to users by ensuring that the user has access to that system. First of all, you need to enter your username and password, and in the second step, you need to enter a unique password that will change frequently. Because there are two steps to accessing the system, it is known as Two-Factor Authentication.

One-time password (OTP)

Once the username and the password successfully enter, then it needs a special password to enter. The second password is a temporary password, which is valid for some time and gets lost once it already uses, and then need to generate a new password. And each time the variable password is called a one-time password (OTP). This temporary password is typically a combination of a few numbers or series, which does not have any meaning. It is a serial number generated by a computer, which is sent to you on an electronic system by a user name and password after logging in.

Most of the time system sent a message to your mobile phone number with this OTP code, which allows you to access that system by entering. There are currently apps for generating OTPs, you can install those apps on your mobile, and it generates random numbers automatically, which you can use to log in the account. The two-factor authentication available completes through security keys, USB, etc.

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Use Two-Factor Authentication

One-time password

Previously the websites provided full access only using the username and password. But now for security purposes banking websites, mail sites, Google, Yahoo, PayPal, Apple, etc. provide two-factor authentication services. It has something to keep in mind for you, such as your password and you have something physically available, like another code, which sends to you via SMS. There is currently an app name Google Authenticator, where the OTP sync do at the same time as the server and the app, and new numbers generate in every 6 seconds. To use two-factor authentication, you must enable it from your account. And hopefully today, most traditional service providers provide this feature. To complete the multi-factor authentication use many other electronic gadgets. Security keys work as well.

Last word

There is no system of technology that can not hack. But I still do not see any reason for not using two-factor authentication. It gives your account a new level of protection. More advanced methods may implement in the future. However, the multi-factor authentication will complete, but now it will be wise to get the opportunity to enable it anywhere. You can read about display technology.

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